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Stig of the Dump

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Stig of the Dump
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Stig of the Dump
by Clive King
(Age 8+)

Puffin Modern Classics
First published 1963
Published in Puffin Modern Classics 1993
ISBN: 0-140-36450-1

Barney falls over the edge of the chalkpit to find himself in a cave, the den of Stig the Caveman. And so begins a friendship like no other.

Stig lives in the dump at the bottom of the chalkpit...or does he? Stig can't speak English, and he isn't like us at where did he come from? We don't know, and neither does Barney. Stig hunts with a real bow and arrows, and his arrowheads are of flint, the kind that 'were made thousands of years ago by rough people who weren't alive any more.' And he turns up in the oddest places, even in Mrs Fawkham-Greene's garden the night of the fancy-dress party. No one believes Barney when he tries to tell them about Stig, but Barney doesn't care - he is happy with his friend Stig.

Barney and Stig spend many long and wonderful hours together, but the greatest adventure of all happens one Midsummer Night, when Barney and his sister Lou find themselves transported back in time to thousands of years ago...How do they get there? And is Stig somehow responsible?

First published in 1963, the book continues to be a favourite with children even today. The story is fast-paced and exciting, and told with humour and imagination. A definite must-read for every child!

Rohini Chowdhury

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