Welcome to  Around the Fireplace.

This a space for you and me to talk about stories, about  stories behind stories, and the stories that flow from stories, to share with each other the emotions, thoughts and ideas, that stories evoke in us.

This is also a space for us to create stories - from life, from dreams, from our imaginations.

But most of all this is a space for us to talk - of anything and everything under the Sun.  For it is from talking and telling, from wondering and thinking, that stories are born and spread.

 So come, sit with me around the fireplace.  Talk to me.  Read my posts.  Write your comments.  And make this space come alive.


Rohini Chowdhury writes primarily for children.

Find out more about her and her books here.

Visit her story website at  www.longlongtimeago.com

To contact Rohini directly, write to her at rohinichowdhury@longlongtimeago.com



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