Magic minibeasts

Magic Minibeasts

Created by Vipasha Bansal

Hi! Welcome to Magic Minibeast Land!
Here there are loads of fun things for you to do – stories to read, puzzles to solve, games to play.

Flip Fly


I am Flip Fly, and your guide through my magical country!


Raisin Bee



This is Raisin Bee. She is a friendly Bee, and a kind and helpful Bee. Sometimes, though, she gets hopelessly lost and muddled. That’s when she might need you to help her out!

Postman Slow


This is Postman Slow.
He delivers all the letters in Magic Minibeast Land
But, as I am sure you have guessed, he can be a bit slow sometimes!
Maybe you could help him deliver his letters faster!


Connie caterpillar


This is Connie Caterpillar. She is waiting for the day that she turns into a butterfly. But we like her just the way she is!


Lady Ladybird



And this elegant person is Lady Ladybird. If she likes you she might invite you for one of her delicious picnic lunches!



These are just some of the minibeasts you will meet in Magic Minibeast Land.
We have loads of games and activities planned for you, so come and visit!

There’s just one problem though: Postman Slow is in charge of getting the games ready for you. As I have said before, he’s …SLOW! So, sadly, right now we have only one game for you to play. But do not worry – we’ll be back soon with lots more!

Meanwhile, to see what Postman Slow has ready for you, click on the link below…